- Statement (on German) -

During the night of 21 June 2011, a number of DigitalOne AG servers (62 in total) at our company's server site in the USA were temporarily seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.). This resulted in a massive disruption to our business and functional processes to our clients' uninvolved servers. We would like to make the following statement regarding this:

Prior to this seizure, the investigating authorities in the USA informed our company only that information was required about three (3) IP addresses as part of enquiries they were carrying out. The authorities' investigations are not directed against our company, which merely provides and operates servers that host foreign content. Such requests from investigating authorities are normal, and are handled by our company with appropriate care and transparency with regard to the rules.

Our company was not informed of an imminent seizure in this case. During the seizure carried out on 21 June 2011, the investigating authorities were provided with detailed information about the location and exact position of the three (3) servers concerned so that these could be accessed with appropriate precision.

For reasons that we do not understand and have not yet been explained, the investigating authorities also seized a number (59) of unrelated servers, although these were returned to our company within 24 hours. During this seizure, however, various modules and cable connections and also our company's backup system were affected, resulting in massive disruptions to a considerable number of client servers, our e-mail system and our support system.

After three (3) days of intensive work, our team of staff was able to correct the subsequent faults so that almost all servers have now been fully returned to normal operation.

Our company will devote all our efforts to fully clarifying and reviewing (including with regards to its validity and proportionality) the proceedings that led to a collapse of the technical infrastructure behind our range of services which was not caused by our company.

We will report extensively and in detail as soon as we have further information about these proceedings.
DigitalOne AG